Projectship helps students gain high-quality, resume boosting experience, whenever it's convenient for them.

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projectship [pra-jekt-ship]

noun: A remote, short-term, project-based internship that gives students real-world experience while giving small businesses access to incredible talent

synonym: Micro internship

How a Projectship works

  • 1.

    Companies sign up to have a project completed by our talented students. These projects were specifically designed for small and medium sized businesses.

  • 2.

    Over a 6-week period, the students put together an extremely valuable, comprehensive analysis full of recommendations and research.

  • 3.

    By project end, students will gain career boosting experience and companies will receive high-quality, actionable research to help their business grow.

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Projectship vs. Internship

Unlike a traditional internship, with Projectship, any student can real-world experience whenever it's convenient for them. And companies get access to these students without any administrative burden.

Projectship Internship
Duration 4-6 weeks 12-16 weeks
Student weekly time commitment 3-5 hours 20-40 hours
Company weekly time commitment 15 minutes 3-6 hours
Students gain actual experience Always Sometimes
Company receives high-quality work Always Sometimes
Super easy for students to find
Zero onboarding or overhead for company
Fits with a student's schedule
Cost to the company $0 - $350 $4,000+

Loved by students and businesses

I would highly recommend Projectship as you really gain real experience with a flexible schedule. Overall, you will learn new knowledge, expand your network, and have an opportunity to utilize many important skills.

The students were responsible and professional and in a short time, with just a couple of calls, they produced what would have taken me months, if not longer, to do on my own.

I gained hands-on experience in project management and really enjoyed the challenge of working remotely with another student from another university.

Used by students across the U.S.

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For students

Gaining real-world experience is hard... we make it easy

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Gain real experience

We source projects from small businesses around the U.S. These are real projects solving real problems and can be completed with no prior experience.

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Complete on your time

Each project lasts 4-6 weeks, requires 5-8 hours per week, and is completed 100% remote. This means you can fit in a projectship whenever it’s convenient for you.

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Learn valuable skills

You manage the project from beginning to end. This means you'll gain highly valuable and in-demand project management, teamwork, and analytical skills.

Why do a projectship?

Projectships are the best way to enhance your resume and set you apart from the crowd

  • Gain in-demand skills

    Future employers will love the project management, client relations, and time management skills you'll gain.

  • Boost your resume & career

    With projectship experience, your resume will stand apart from other applicants due to the unique experience you gained.

  • Make valuable connections

    You'll gain extremely valuable references and referrals that you can then leverage when applying to full-time positions.

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What are the benefits of a projectship?


of employers are looking for 2+ real-world experiences on a student's resume


Students with 2+ real-world experiences are 2x as likely to find a job 6 months post-graduation

7 in 10

recruiters said real-world experience mattered more than grades

What types of projects will I work on?

All projects require little to no experience to complete! We'll provide you the mentoring and resources to be successful.

Website & social media analysis

Dive deep into a company’s social media and analyze their SEO and performance

Customer & market analysis

Conduct a deep analysis of a company's customers and competitors

Financial statement analysis

Dig into a company's financials to uncover key financial metrics

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Your internship is with Projectship and will look like any other type of internship experience on your resume or LinkedIn. At the end of your time with us, we will work personally with you to help you craft your resume and LinkedIn profile to capture your unique experience.
Unfortuntely, not at this time. However, we are working hard to ensure our future student interns are fairly compensated for their work.
Please contact your school's internship or career services department to see if this experience will count. Our ultimate mission is to get every college in the U.S. to recognize the power of a Projectship and offer it as an option for their students.
Students who apply through their school's Handshake account or complete this as part of their class project pay no fee. All other students pay a $49 onboarding fee.
Absolutely not! Although some background in the subject area will be beneficial, all projects can be completed with little to no experience. So, even if you are a freshman and have only completed your generals, you will still be able to complete the project. We provide you with the templates, instructions, and tutorials on how to complete every project.
We will place you in a group of 1-2 other students to complete the projectship. Your teammates will likely be from different schools across the country. This will be a great way to expand your network and learn valuable teamwork and project management skills.
We get to know you personally so we can understand your goals and aspirations. With that, we automatically assign you to a project that fits your goals. We do this so you can work with companies and people that you otherwise might not have.
We are constantly onboarding companies and taking on new projects. How long it takes depends on the type of project you want to complete, the number of projects in our pipeline, and the number of signed up students. However, we try to place students within 2-4 weeks.
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Our brilliant students provide the research and analytical horsepower you need to complete those strategic projects you don't have the time for

Valuable projects we can complete for you


Web & Social Media Analysis

Comprehensive review of your social media presence, search engine ranking, and strategies on how to improve your web presence.


Customer & Market Analysis

Analyze your customers, and identify your competitors and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses relative to those of your own business.


Financial Statement Analysis

Get a deep dive into your financials and your financial health, see key financial metrics, and understand your company's valuation.

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6 week turnaround
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